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About Us

We are a company inspired by the fluidity of life. We work comfort and harmony with practicality and environmental awareness. We are sophisticated in the details and clean in the shapes always attentive in preserving the freedom of movement. When we choose the raw materials that will touch your skin, we look at fabrics that will not harm you or the environment.

Fluidity of body and life

How did something that was a nightmare for me become a real moment of peace, freedom and contentment? Analyzing my trajectory in this practice I can clearly say that what was highly uncomfortable became comfortable after I stopped having AVERSION to discomforts, I put it aside and focused on the tiny (very minimal amount of comfort) that existed there and day after day focused on that small area I managed to make it expand to the whole body.
The attention at the beginning was in the good part, when I realized that the bad part (do you see the judgment?) was just a reflection of what still did not flow in me, it was tied up and mentally rigid ( way of thinking) and physical (way of acting and reacting), I took better care of bad habits (food, sleep, quality of what I hear, quality of what I say, vision) and untied a lot of things.
Now, let's start the journey to untie the next level.
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