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About Us

We are a company inspired by the fluidity of life. We work comfort and harmony with practicality and environmental awareness. We are sophisticated in the details and clean in the shapes always attentive in preserving the freedom of movement. When we choose the raw materials that will touch your skin, we look at fabrics that will not harm you or the environment.

Essence Yogi and the Planet

We all know that the fashion industry contributes a lot to dirtying the planet, but it can be improved and we are here to embrace this cause, Essence Yogi is always looking forward to sustainable and environment-friendly innovations.

We are very careful when purchasing the fabrics and materials; and we always choose to buy from factories that are committed to helping the environment, not throwing color waste into rivers and that offer options with sustainable materials. Our goal is focused on ethical production.

We want to change the way we produce clothes with less impact on the world, introducing environmental and social responsibility into our brand.

Although it is widely believed that sustainable fashion and conscious fashion share the same concept, there are differences between them. The first concerns the forms of production of the textile industry and the second, the behavior of the consumer. And when it comes to consumer behavior, it is our duty to create solutions so that they can change the way they consume and bring more awareness and care to the moment of purchase. For this we have a big project already in operation that is called Donate your old Essence Yogi.

When Donating your old Essence Yogi clothes you get a 20% discount coupon to buy the new collection and you can still use the ambassadors code.

Your Donated Essence Yogi will go to institutes, projects and schools of yoga and pilates that donate their energy and their work teaching what they know on the outskirts of cities.

Another solution is the use of reusable fabric bags in our production. With this strategy, we have eliminated the plastic bags completely and you, the consumer, can reuse the fabric bags in your home.

I would also like to ask for the cooperation of our customers in always sending us suggestions on how we can improve the ways to help the environment more efficiently.

Amanda Mansur

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