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We are a company inspired by the fluidity of life. We work comfort and harmony with practicality and environmental awareness. We are sophisticated in the details and clean in the shapes always attentive in preserving the freedom of movement. When we choose the raw materials that will touch your skin, we look at fabrics that will not harm you or the environment.

A way to reprogram yourself

This is just a way to reprogram yourself.
Why? Because we need a lot of cellular reprogramming at a very deep level.
For what? To understand that we cannot continue with this control game. To accept that the other side must also take its turn to win.

In order to stop wanting to always be “on top of dried meat” and understand that life is cyclical, that while some are benefited, others suffer from the skin because they are not benefited.

Internal work is necessary to understand that what benefits you in economic, social, cultural and consequently emotional terms may not be benefiting a good portion of humanity.
Imposing that your side is the best for the other without knowing what the other has been feeling on their skin is rather wanting to control the direction of things always in your favor. It is the greatest demonstration that you don't care about others.

The world is dual and with thousands of different perspectives and the fact that it is cyclical ( sometimes you win, and other times you lose) only enriches us spiritually. If we always win , whether in an argument, in a dispute, in elections or even in a fight with children on the street, there would be no learning.
We learn because there are challenges, we learn because sometimes we are high and sometimes low.
We learn because we win and loose.

What makes us improve our spirituality is to understand these cycles, accept them and develop the practice of resilience to really adapt when you have to navigate turbulent waters.
If you won your elections great enjoy the benefits, it's your turn now.
But if you lost this time, practice love by letting the winner benefit. One day you will win again because it is cyclical.
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